My favorite types of breakfast is French toast! First, in a bowl, combine one egg and about a tablespoon or two of milk; beat together. Then dip one slice of white bread in the bowl, being sure to soak it completely in the milk/egg mixture. Finally, place the moist bread on a lightly oiled, flat pan to simmer, flip when brown. Serve with brown sugar, honey, or maple syrup for extra flavor. Enjoy!
  -Heather Pfeiffer
  我最喜歡的早餐是法式吐司!在一個碗里,打入雞蛋並放一兩大勺的牛奶;攪勻在一起。然後將一片白麵包往碗里一蘸,要保證將它整片都浸到牛奶和雞蛋的混合物中。最後,把浸泡過的麵包放在有少許油的平底鍋上煎,當麵包變成棕色的時候翻面。搭配黃糖、蜂蜜或者是楓糖漿更增添風味。  (原標題:The Perfect Piece of French Toast)

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